The MONT 24 - Mountain Bike Race

What a massive weekend. We ride bikes, and what better way to get our gear out there than to sponsor a major event such as The Mont 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race.. well when I say "race" I mean a cruisy few laps with a group of mates, lots of laughs and maybe, just maybe a few beers.

It started on Friday 1st April, with the setup of the Marquee, right down in the transition area. Loading up our signage and then kicking back and chatting with everyone.
Friday night was a late one, the perfect pre race training regime. At least I was the first one to bed.
Saturday morning saw a reasonably early start, with the marquee open for business and the crowds were full of fun, laughter and excitement.

Race started at 12pm Saturday and with Daylight Savings finishing, was completed at 11am Sunday.
Crowley Rode 1st Lap, with Dog, Daz and Jez following up. From there.. it was all very relaxed.
Lets just say after many laps, lots of beers, night time riding and schnitzel eating, we had a massive weekend.
With over 600 bottles of our Special Edition, Limited Label given out to competitors, and many more bottles sold that weekend, we have a new customer base and we thank everyone for checking us out.

186 Km
12 Laps
4 Guys
24 Hours
15 Schnitzels
Unlimited Beers
Lots of Carbs
... and a Watermelon.

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